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We treat every matter with mission-critical importance. Nothing shows this more, and nothing means more to us, than the results we achieve for our clients. Our clients are not new to litigation. 

They are sophisticated consumers of legal services at the highest level, and they know great trial lawyers when they see them up close. Here is what they say about our will to win.

"John has an intellectual killer instinct. His ability to focus on the facts and law in a deep, nuanced way to make the winning argument is unparalleled — as demonstrated by his $30 million jury verdict in our favor." — C. Ray Johnson, former CEO of Coachmen Industries and author of CEO Logic: How to Think and Act Like a Chief Executive
"Tremendously smart — understanding all of the nuances of a complicated case instantly. John was thorough and tough. He gave me a sense of confidence that I was being represented by a real pro." — Robert Cort, President of Robert Cort Productions and Executive Producer of Jumanji and Runaway Bride
"John's ability to quickly cut to the heart of complex legal concepts, to articulate our positions, in writing and in argument, concisely, efficiently, and persuasively was a pleasure to witness." — Mark Rosenthal, President and CEO of Raleigh Enterprises, parent company of the Sunset Marquis Hotel
"John was a member of my legal team in a critically important case for our company last year. His brilliant legal mind, passionate argument and exhaustive preparation combined for a terrific outcome." — Thomas Patterson, former Chairman and CEO of Kimberlite
"John's legal work product is quite simply the best I've ever seen." — Steve Yi, CEO of MediaAlpha
"It would be safe to say that John's legal writing skills are the finest we have ever encountered." — Jay Becker, Managing Member of MLLA
"It is clear to me John invested his heart and soul in prosecuting our claim under extremely difficult circumstances. He busted his butt to bring our verdict home." — Terry Ballas, Owner of Gunnell Properties
"Outstanding Trial Lawyers. I expect the firm to be a litigation force for decades to come." — John B. Quinn, Founder and Managing Partner of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP
"A real trial presence and recommended for M&A and Shareholder Litigation." — LEGAL 500 UNITED STATES 2015 on Managing Partner John M. Pierce
In litigation, speed kills. Get lethal.
"John has an intellectual killer instinct . . ." — C. Ray Johnson . . .
We are with you in the trenches for every case - from start to victory.
Bet on us to win. We welcome contingency and success fee cases.
"Tremendously smart ...."

— Robert Cort
A litigation force multiplier for the digital age.
"An incredibly dynamic and passionate trial lawyer -- one of then best I've ever seen in court." — Mike Lyon, Trial Presentation Expert at On the Record and veteran of hundreds of high-stakes trials with major law firms, on Managing Partner John M. Pierce
Dedicated to the lost art of combat by trial.
"One of the most esteemed jury trial lawyers"
at the world's largest business litigation law firm — BENCHMARK PLAINTIFF LITIGATION 2012 on Managing Partner John M. Pierce
When bet-the-company litigation threatens your business, don't give up the ship. Hire Pierce Burns LLP.
— Featured in Law360's Trial Pros Series - March 4, 2016
"Pierce Burns LLP has shown how the innovative Team of Teams organizational dynamics developed by Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) can be applied to lethal effect in the fast-moving intellectual combat of high-stakes litigation." — David Silverman, former Navy SEAL, co-author with Gen. Stanley McChrystal of Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World, and CEO of CrossLead
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